History of Coldwater

Looking Back: A Brief History

  • The Coldwater-Narrow reserve was established in 1830 for the Chippewas of Lakes Simcoe and Huron.
  • Arrangements were made in 1836 to transfer management of the reserve and ownership of the property to the Chippewas on March 31, 1837.
  • However, during the same period, the reserve was allegedly surrendered by the Chippewas for sale by the Crown.
  • The lands that used to be part of the reserve were sold to third parties between 1838 and 1872.
  • The Claim and basis of the claim was made by four First Nations (Mnjikaning, Beausoleil, Georgina Island and Chippewas of Nawash) was the 1836 surrender was invalid because it conducted improperly and the “surrendered” land: was sold below the value and in an untimely fashion.
  • The First Nations and the Government of Canada reached a settlement on March 24, 2011 and the offer was taken to each First Nations membership to vote.

See Media Release December 2012